16 August 2017

Star 2 of 365 - Star-A-Day

Star 2 of 365

15 August 2017

Star 1 of 365 - Star-A-Day

These stars are supposed to be 4" but mine are turning out 3 1/2". Ah well, as long as they are all wrong the same amount, it's all good!!

Star 1 of 365

14 August 2017

Star-A-Day Pattern

So I bought the pattern and templates for the Star-A-Day Quilt by Somerset Designs from the Sydney Craft Show a few years back, and never did anything about it (which surprises no one!!).

However, I was looking for another handwork project to have on hand. To be honest, I'm getting a bit sick of basting hexagons. So I dragged this one out and started cutting up the pieces. I'm putting them together in pairs to speed up the process.

7 June 2017

Pink Wonky Cross Top Completed

The pink quilt of pinkness is up to the top being done stage. We have a long weekend coming up in a couple of days. So my plan is to buy wadding tomorrow at lunch time. Wash and iron Friday and then baste and start sewing on Saturday. I'm pretty confident I have have it done by Sunday. I will sloth on Monday. Happy Birthday Lizzie!!

23 May 2017

Pink Wonky Cross Layout Done

I was able to cut out some more background squares and layout the quilt again. Rows are now together and it's just a matter of sewing them up. I've also cut out a heap of pink and beige 2 1/2" triangles for leaders and enders, so I don't get them out of order.

18 May 2017

Paying the Price for Winging It

So I was able to go to a Guild meeting and use the space to layout the pink wonky cross quilt. However, due to winging it, I ran out of background squares. Not a huge deal, I got most of it worked out. But I will need to lay them out again at the next meeting to finish the last couple of rows.

12 May 2017

Wonky Pink Cross Quilt Squaring Up

The blocks make up REALLY quickly. Cut at an angle. Sew in dark strip. Iron. Cut and insert again at right angles. Iron. Now I need to trim them all back to 5" squares. Since there aren't any seams to line up, I can trim several at a time.

8 May 2017

Viking Tree Coat

For something a little different. We had a very Viking feel to our Tocal Tourney this year. I decided to join the fun and made my first viking outfit. I wanted to do a coat and I decided 100% accuracy was not necessary. I wanted something with a little wow factor. After looking at designs, I decided on something one of our local artists had come up with a for a banner design (used with their permission).

It's applique wool on wool. I decided to pick out some of the details with embroidery as the applique would've been too hard and less hardwearing. I'm going to do something for the front. Made with all op-shop fabric. Whole coat cost about $10.

6 May 2017

Pink Quilt of Pinkness

I realised the other day that I don't have a pink quilt. I have one that has a bit of pink in it, but not all pink.

I saw this great pink quilt, which included a tutorial and even though I'm trying to work my way through  my WIP pile, I started to make it. It will be a great chance to use up some ugly pinks that I've acquired over the years. Here are the two piles, 5" squares of light and medium pinks and 1.5" strips of dark pink.

16 September 2016

Boro Quilt Test Pieces

I am working on a Japanese yarn dyed quilt. I am thinking of quilting it boro style. So to see how it would look, I did a couple of quilting test pieces. I'm not sure if I like the bumpiness you get when going through the batting. But this might be due to me quilting too densely. I used a verigated thread on this one. I might do another test peice using the white and another using an ecru or cream.